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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ribbon Storage Solution - Guttering!

With my husband's help, we've embarked on a mission to turn my sun room into an efficient craft space. I should have take a "before" photo of my ribbon storage - it was disastrous. Last weekend, the sweet hubby installed this guttering to hold my ribbon. I must say that I am IN LOVE! It's perfect because I usually take the whole roll down to match so it's easy to access.

As far as cost, it wasn't an inexpensive project. I think it came in around $40 from our local hardware store. I think if you purchase the pieces from a big box store, it might be a little cheaper. The brackets and end caps are what got us coming in $3-4 each! The 10' piece of gutter was $8.19. We cut mine into two 4' pieces so that we could center it above the shelving unit below. I really should have used the full 10' and cut it into two 5' sections because I had a few rolls that didn't fit.

I cannot wait to show you the completed space! I am in love but still have a few tweaks - like curtains to make... and order the fabric first!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Short & Sweet: Ribbon storage

My sweet husband helped me make ribbon spools last week. I’m so excited to have a somewhat organized system for my ribbon.

We just cut the 2x4 into squares and drilled holes for the dowels. Cut the dowels and used wood glue to secure. So easy!

crafts 008 crafts 006

The jar on the end is for storing all the ribbon scraps.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vacation=Craft Mojo!

I am so excited to say I’m back into a crafting/decorating mood! Apparently, our little getaway was just what Martha Stewart ordered. Since returning home, I’ve been working on several projects trying to get our house in order and ready for Baby #2.

Here’s a quick project I did yesterday afternoon… I’ve been in dire need of a few magazine holders for my craft room but hadn’t found any I loved. While cleaning out my dad’s office, I threw these in the thrift store pile before rethinking the possibilities…


Ugly, unattractive yet functional.

I just glued some scrapbook paper to the front and trimmed it out with ribbon to beautify them a bit.


A perfect spot for my scrapbooking magazines and felt!

I’ll hopefully get some of my other projects completed and will be sharing those in the upcoming week!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This week's thrift store finds...

I made a trip by the thrift store on Thursday and found a few bargains. I'm so excited to put it all to use! I spent all of $7 plus tax!

I spotted the glass jar and the two glass canisters and thought they would be perfect for my craft room. All my storage is open shelving, so I thought these might be great to store some fun looking things and they offer easy access. There was one other larger canister that I might go back and get. It was priced at $3 which seemed a little high to me. These three were all $1 each - talk about cheap storage.
As many of you already know, the cheese dish will be perfect to display all kinds of beauties! I plan on painting the base black to match my dining room. It was $2. They had two others identical and they were priced $5! Why?

The framed painting is going to be transformed into a magnetic chalkboard!!! It came in at the bargain price of $2. You can't buy a frame for that.

On the magnetic chalkboard news - some of you asked where I found the sheet metal. Well, I am lucky enough to have a daddy who has EVERYTHING! Everything including rolls of sheet metal and a special sheet metal cutter machine thingy (it makes it simple to cut the metal). I have read on other sites that you can buy the sheet metal at Lowe's and other home improvement stores. A pair of tin snips will work for cutting it to size.