Monday, December 15, 2008

Crafting Weekend!

I spent the entire day on Saturday making initial plaques for my nieces and nephew plus a few for other family members... a total of 9 plaques completed! I can't wait to show you! I'm going to take pictures of them this afternoon and hopefully get them posted tonight.
I also made some star ornaments for my son's Sunday School teachers and made puppy chow! I am so addicted to this puppy chow aka monkey munch. And it includes my two favorite ingredients - peanut butter & chocolate! Who would've thought?
Here's a pic of some of the mayhem in my house on Saturday! My sweet husband entertained Monkey all day while I crafted away... here he is coloring very carefully.


  1. What a great weekend full of my favorite things...crafting and family! Your plaques are gonna be soooo cute!

  2. Your crafting area is so clean! LOL. You would die to see mine. I can't wait to see pics of the finished projects.

  3. just stopped over from SITS. love your blog. :)

  4. Too fun! I miss having time for crafts. I love your idea!!


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