Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's all in the packaging...

I've been in a wrapping fury. I love wrapping presents! No gift bags for me this year... I usually end up throwing several things in gift bags, but this year, it will all be wrapped.

Thought I'd share a couple of things.... a use for a paper towel core or the cardboard core from the foil/plastic wrap, etc. My dad asked for us to donate to a charity for his Christmas. I made a little certificate up on Photoshop and then rolled it up and stuck into the cardboard tube. Makes for some interesting packages. I'm also doing one of these for a gift for my hubby.

These babies are jewelry boxes covered with scrapbook paper... what's hiding in the cute pink boxes will have to wait until after Christmas to show off.

A set of chubby little hands kept trying to get into my pictures.... those hands were trying to rearrange my boxes into a visual appealing combination for a 19 month old.

Ha... just cracks me up how he thinks they should all be lined up. He's a little obsessive compulsive like his mother.
This box is my gift card holder.... I covered the outside and inside with scrapbook papers and added a few embellishments to the top. I also wrapped a bit of scrapbook paper around the gift card... just to make it a little handmade and special.


  1. what cute ideas!
    I will have to steal some... seeing as how I still have ALL of my gifts to wrap. :)

  2. Such cute wrapping ideas! I love them!


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