Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mass Ornament Project going on here

Geez! Getting a daily blog posted sure isn't happening in my part of the woods...errr... prairie... Christmas is fast approaching therefor things are going full force... we've had two of the hubby's Christmas parties in the past two days... church Christmas program, etc, etc. I know everyone is busy this time of year. I LOVE Christmastime! I just wish we had a couple more weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas to get it all done!

I thought I would share a project that I've been working on in my free time... I'm attempting these Christmas ornaments (or they could just be hung around the house) for our family and friends. I am making them for all of Monkey's nursery teachers too. My original inspiration came from this project on Cherry's Jubilee.
I've taken cardboard (I saved all the cardboard backings at my office that come with all our brochures and forms). You could also use cereal boxes. I found star templates online (I actually had them in my 4th of July craft file). I used tracing paper to trace them onto my cardboard, cut them out with an Xacto. Then I ModPodged scrapbook paper on, cut it out with my Xacto after the glue dried. You get the idea... of course, the sky is the limit with these type of crafts... you can make them simple or elaborate. I really think I have about 30 of these things in several different sizes that are in the process of being made.... I also finish them with a coat of ModPodge to help protect it.


  1. Hey girl! Thanks so much for your sweet comment and hopeful story about your friends twins. I am so grateful for good people like you who give me hope to keep the faith. Thank you so much for your prayers for baby Ella! We feel every single prayer given in our behalf.

    xoxoxoxox ~ Amanda

  2. I love your ornaments! I am going to copy. I was thinking about buying ornaments for my neighbors, but now I think I will make them.

  3. Wow, another cool project. I really like it.

  4. LOVE these stars! SOOOOO cute! I also love the JOY hanging sign you did. There are so many cute projects like these that I want to do that it's hard to know where to start!

  5. Love your projects....I adore doing crafts. Will have to earmark your site. cherry

  6. I just came across your blog from the Centsible Sawyer. Your dip idea sounds fabulous! I can't wait to try it.
    And I love the craft ideas you have here. It makes me want to go home and craft now.


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