Thursday, December 11, 2008

A special spot

Three days in row posting??? Crazy!!! This means I'm not checking things off my to do list! I have a stack of envelopes that need to be addressed for Christmas cards (which I designed & ordered and they should be in today).

I wanted to share a picture of this little shelf in my craft room... it has a little musician and another vintage postcard. The musician was a special gift from my granny... she gave me a set of musicians before she passed away that she always displayed for Christmas. I'll show you the other three soon. I am very grateful that she passed these down to me... they really are special to me and remind me of her.

When I was taking some pics to share with you, the little guy was smiling and trying to get in the pictures... so I snapped a picture of his little grin. Isn't he precious??? I love this guy so much! Today, we are making a trip to the city to complete our Christmas shopping. That means a trip to Hobby Lobby & Target! Hee hee hee. Then furious wrapping will ensue!

Happy Thursday to all!


  1. Hobby Lobby, I'm jealous! We don't have one here. I love the musician... what a special gift!

  2. Oh I've missed so much! I love your Bub! He is adorable!! And the red trees, and the Joy sign, brilliant!!


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