Friday, March 6, 2009

Do you know what this is?

I call it an open-ended thingamajig! Made from a foil roll core (or papertowel core) with papers Mod Podged on it and a few button accessories. My son loves to play with the toys that encourage open-ended play and I like to foster that in him. He uses these "boppers" as we call them to hit balloons and balls around the house and hoot and holler into like a horn. Thankfully, he hasn't figured out how to torture the cat with it... yet.

Just thought I'd share this simple little recycyling project for the kiddos!

Sorry for the lack of posts - things have been crazy around here. We have been working on the dining room project - do you know how one thing leads to another project which leads to another one and so forth? The hubby bought me an amazing hutch for our anniversary and it needed to be painted. Then we realized we needed to go ahead and paint the dining room before we move the new hutch in which led to moving my other china hutch which meant that I felt the need to wash every single piece in my hutch.... whew! The 24 tea glasses alone about made my hands shrivel up and die.

So, we were planning on moving the new hutch in today so I could finish putting the room back together. Hubby put a final coat of poly on it and went out to check on everything. He found that someone had knocked over a drawer completely chipping the wood and paint and breaking it apart. SO.... now we have to fix that drawer! Eventually the dining room will be complete! I'm ready to have my dining room back together so we can move on to the next project on our spring to do list.


  1. Oh do I remember playing with open-ended thingamajigs when I was little! :) We called them "bamboo" for some reason. What a cute idea to decorate it. :) I am in the middle of one of those never ending projects in my family room; yeah, right before we move, good timing! But I can't seem to talk myself out of fixing it up! :)

  2. Oh my gosh... that is the cuttest papertowel thingermajiger ever! Shoot, i just normally hand the empty one to my son, but now im going to have to modgepodge.. Love it!

  3. I admire the fact you give your child creative toys! I think that's so inspiring!

  4. isn't it amazing how the small things make kids happy?

    can't wait to see your finished projects!

  5. Sounds like you have been keeping busy. I totally can relate when you say one thing about a project leads to another. Funny how that works huh. That is a great toy! My kids love to play with things like that too.

  6. thanks for the thingamajig idea! I just ran out of saran wrap - I'll have to do this with the thingy!


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