Friday, March 27, 2009

Kid Craft: Baby Food Jar Animals for Spring!

We are in the midst of a blizzard.... very unusual for Oklahoma in March! I'd rather be out working in my flower beds and garden but we are trapped errr... stuck inside. I decided to attempt a craft with my 23 month old today.... you probably guessed it, he is NOT ready for arts & crafts besides coloring projects.

I used supplies that I had on hand so I know I could have made these cuter with the right supplies - and I was being a bit impatient since I had a squirmy-into-everything toddler "helping" me.
Card stock in white & orange
Pink crayon
Tacky Glue
White & Yellow craft paint
Baby food jars
Google eyes
Pom-poms in pink, yellow & white
Brown or black pipe cleaners (white would work too)
I filled the jars with a bit of craft paint. Then screwed the lid on tight and handed it to the toddler to shake, shake, shake.

He's shaking away.

I cut out rabbit ears with the white card stock and colored in some pink. You could also cut a smaller ear shape in pink and glue that on instead. I cut whiskers for the rabbit using the pipe cleaners and glued everything on him. His nose is a bit big because I didn't have any small ones... if I was a perfectly stocked craft store, I would have used a small pom pom for the nose and two large white pom poms or cotton balls for his cheeks.

For the baby chick, I cut a little beak out of the orange card stock and glued it on along with the eyes. We decided to glue pom poms to her top creating a bit of a mohawk... guess she's a rocker chick... get it? Ha ha.

I got my Family Fun magazine today. Can't wait to flip through it and see what great ideas it holds. If you have children, you definitely need to read through an issue of Family Fun. They are filled with ideas, crafts, activities, etc for families and children. They also have an amazing website here.


  1. What a cute craft for kids! :) I was curious about Family Fun magazine; somewhere I heard the name... I might give it a couple of years before I get it though, so Donna will be a bit older.

  2. Isn't Family Fun mag the BEST? They always have the greatest ideas. What a cute little project. I might have to try this with my 3 year old...she'd love it!

  3. Okay, way cute and funny and FUN and adorable and I am going to get craft paint TOMORROW!!!

  4. what a cute little snowy or rainy day project. i'm filing this away to use for my niece and nephew's next sleepover.


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