Thursday, April 9, 2009

Birthday Party Prep

In the midst of home projects, planting my garden, and preparing for the upcoming baby shower (have I mentioned the baby shower before? :) ), I’ve also been working on my guy’s second birthday preparations. We’re still going with the Mickey Mouse theme. Here are a couple of my projects…. the first is actually a bit of a “fail” project…

I made this shirt today for his 2 year pictures (Saturday!) and possibly to wear for his birthday party… after making it, I decided the polka dots were a bit too girly. So, I will be running to Walmart tomorrow to try to find a different fabric and another t-shirt. C didn’t mind the polka dots though. He insisted on wearing the t-shirt anyway. IMG_4802

I just finished up the name banner for the party… I’m also going to make a Happy Birthday banner (if I have time). I used my Cricut to cut all the pieces out. I bought a Mickey Mouse cartridge on eBay so I can make all kinds of goodies for the party!


  1. LOVE the banner! SO professional :)

  2. Would you do this for others? I would pay.We are going to Disney World for my son's 4th birthday.These would be perfect to decorate our room at the resort.



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