Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garden Progress…

It’s spring and I’m itching to work in my flower beds and garden!

My seedlings are growing – for the most part. I have some stubborn seeds who are slow to the show. Right now, the dill, cilantro, basil & mint are thriving. The lettuce, chives & peppers are being stubborn. Stuff 018Stuff 019 This is a little lettuce seedling… Stuff 021 I’ve planted a few things in my little garden plot. So far, just one tomato plant, 4 pepper plants and a million onion starters. I didn’t realize how many of those things were in a bunch. Took forever to plant them!Stuff 023 Stuff 024 My hydrangeas are coming out! These are my FAVORITES! Love hydrangeas!  Stuff 028


  1. I received an old-fashioned Hydragea from an old family friend as a gift when my mother dies. I am looking forward to finding just the right spot for it. I am also tilling my garden tomorrow. Your seedlings are looking great! I am excited to watch your garden's progress.

  2. Great idea to start seeds in egg cartons. I have to tell you that I was just telling my husband yesterday how much I love hydrangeas. They are my favorite as well. We were doing yard cleanup and I was showing him all the places I want to plant them in. So far I only have one but it's coming back beautifully this spring.

  3. Oh my...I have got to going on my garden. I love your cute little seedlings...who knew gardening could be so cute?

    BTW, LOVED all the precious decor you made for the baby shower. You are the cricut queen. I wish you lived closer so you could come to my house and tutor me!



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