Monday, May 11, 2009

Super Saturday Sales

Stuff 001

I found some amazing bargains while garage saling on Saturday… even though we had a college graduation to attend at 10 am, I ran to about 5 or 6 sales. I found the above frame for $1. It has the glass and hanging wire. I might end up turning it into a chalkboard.

My other bargains were all kid related. I found my son a set of play plastic dishes for $1, a nice blanket for a $1, and an OU Sooners windsuit for a $1. I know my post is a bit boring this week…. maybe next week’s will be more exciting. I know there is going to be an estate sale near us so I plan on checking that out next weekend!

Check Rhoda’s for more garage sale finds!


  1. I found a frame I hope to turn into a blackboard too!! :)
    It seems like everyone is doing that!!

  2. A frame that size with the glass still in tact just begs for art. What a find!

  3. What a great frame for a chalkboard! It is huge! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  4. That's a great frame! My kids are begging me for a chalkboard indoors!

  5. Very nice frame and at $1 that's a super deal!


  6. Very nice frame! I've found so many frames over the years.

  7. Love your find... man your good! :)
    PS.. dont forget to email your address so i may mail the apron to you!
    Happy Monday!

  8. 5 or 6 sales before 10 am??? YOU GO GIRL!!!!


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