Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pink, Pink, Pink!

We found out last week that we are expecting a sweet little girl! I’ve been scoping out adorable little girl things and put a little list on my personal blog if you are interested. Here’s a peek at what I have listed….


We put on a HUGE garage sale last weekend. It was a lot of work – I’m telling you. I wish I would have taken a before picture of all our stuff and an after. We were cleaned out! I made enough money to finish paying for our upcoming vacation and get a deep-cut Cricut blade for cutting chipboard!

Oh, and I did walk away with a nice new (to me) bed for our bedroom! I got a steal on it and can’t wait for the hubby to assemble it so I can take pictures. We’ve been looking for a headboard for…. oh…. 6 years!


  1. I love the little hats! I'll have to try to make some!

  2. Congrats on the little girl news. That is so exciting! At first I forgot for a minute...a very small one...that you were pregnant and I couldn't wait to see what you were painting pink! Glad it is a girl coming your way. What fun!

  3. How exciting! Girls are so much fun! :) Congratulations on the success of your garage sale too, and finding a bed. Sometimes you just have to wait for the perfect thing! :)

  4. Oh - so excited for you that you are having a precious lil' girl. And of course, you know, I love your son's name - since our lil boys' share the name. And good job on your yard sale. I want one of those blades for my cricut to - do you know what they are called? I bought some chipboard but it is just sitting there waiting on me to figure our how to cut it - hehe. Congratulations again on the great news. Happy craftin' - Cathy

  5. Congratulations! That's so very exciting. Girls are so much fun and so very sweet.

  6. YAY for baby girls! I just posted about some pink cowgirl boots that I kept even though I have no girls haha! those baby legs are so cool I have never seen them before until now! super fun blog, thanks for sharing!


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