Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sewing Jackpot!

My sister delivered 4 special boxes to me this week. The contents? Chalk full of sewing miscellaneous that belonged to my dear granny. I could not believe the fun I had sorting through the vintage sewing notions!

My granny was quite the seamstress and taught my sister & I how to sew. I’m forever grateful to my mom for making us learn how to sew and to my granny  for teaching us! I never thought I’d actually use this skill and here I am loving creating cute things!

Here’s a little peek into my findings…

This was one of the very vintage ribbons….


Here’s a sampling of the ric rac, seam bind tape, & bias tape that I organized. I now have one in nearly every color!

IMG_9341 IMG_9342 IMG_9343

This was the box that held the ric rac and tapes…. it was also loaded with zippers of every color and length! Now I can practice putting in zippers since this is one thing I haven’t done yet!


There is much lace and trims! Some lace was used in my wedding. I even found part of the garters my granny made for my aunt’s wedding - 20+ years ago!


Buttons, buttons, buttons galore! I cannot even describe how many buttons I found… this is a tiny sampling. She had pill bottles organizing some by color, boxes and bags full of buttons… every size, shape & color imaginable! 


Look at the date on this bottle: 12-6-72…. if that tells you how old some of these supplies are!


Look at this sweet tag… where my granny’s last name is misspelled!


A box of wooden spools


Brand new needles… look at the price- .25!


My living room is currently holding my fabric stash along with these four large boxes…. I really need a big sewing room!

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