Friday, December 17, 2010

Frugal Christmas: Using natural materials

I love to use natural greens and pinecones to decorate for Christmas. We use an artificial tree so adding the real greenery adds the Christmas touch and smell. Mmmmm!

I asked my dad to keep an eye out for some greens to trim to make a wreath… he came through for me and brought me a few armloads of spruce branches! We have a couple of holly bushes that put out beautiful berries just for Christmas! I love using them in my Christmas decor.

I made a hanging to hang under our mailbox… I would have put it on our door but was afraid the berries would fall off my holly and Miss Priss would get a hold of them.


I filled my two tier wire baskets with greens and added a bow too!


I love the festive touch it adds to our porch (and I love that cute face peering out at Momma!!!)


I stuck sprigs of holly and spruce throughout the house.


I stuck them in my ceramic ware on my hutch… don’t worry, I removed the berry garland after taking these pictures. It was awful!


I love my vintage musicians courtesy of my dear granny along with my vintage postcards!

IMG_6445 IMG_6446

And here is my natural goodness FAIL. I waited too long after my greenery had been harvested to try to form a wreath and the branches were stiff and brittle… thus giving me this hideous square-ish shape… Yeah, it’s still hanging on my fence- that’s how redneck I am!


I normally use pinecones but couldn’t find my bag of them this year… such a cheap way to decorate! Happy decorating!!!


  1. Lovely! We live in a really small house and don't have room for a real or full-size tree, so these are wonderful ideas for bringing Christmas greenery into our environment without having a real tree. (And I'm like you - I love the smell!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah, I have a giant pine tree that provides tons of free pinecones year round. Any time you want some, just let me know and I'll grab a few and bring them to you.


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