Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday Favorite: Cleaning Products that I Love!

I thought it would be boring fun to share a few of my favorite household products. I know I shared about my new Shark vacuum awhile back. It is still going strong and I actually broke my nearly 8 year old $70 vacuum this week so at the moment the Shark is my go-to for everything.

It's funny, when I find a product I love, my mom always goes out and buys it. I'm like her personal tester. :) Here are a few newer products that I love!

I am all about Windex Multi-Purpose Antibacterial. It's one product that does EVERYTHING. I am all over that!

I just got this new Purex Crystals fabric softener this week for next to free at Walgreens. I LOVE it! It makes my laundry smell amazing and the scent lasts. There's a coupon available on Facebook right now!

Cascade Action Pacs are a lifesaver for me! They have seriously amped up my dishwasher's cleaning power. Our water is terrible - hard, lots of minerals, ick. My dishes don't come out looking sparkling clean but they come out soooo much cleaner when I switched to the Action Pacs. I do use vinegar as my rinse agent and it works much better than the other stuff.

Tide Stain Release has saved me time on pre-treating the piles of laundry from Cayson... he happens to be a "slider" so his jeans always have stains on the knees. Not to mention, he's a BOY, so there's always dirt and food. I guess I should also mention that Taryn is the messiest eater EVER so these have helped with her clothes too! I just throw them in the loads that I know have stuff on the clothes and normally, that's all that is needed. They come out sparkling clean and smell good too!  You can also snag a coupon here!

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  1. That was funny how you crossed out boring :D

    I like your blog, nice layout.


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