Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites: Bargain Sites

I'm sure you've heard of all the bargain sites that are all the rage right now. I am totally into them! Like completely! I get the daily emails and check them first thing every morning! I thought as part of my Friday Favorite, I'd share three of my favorites.

GroopDealz is a site that features handmade products! Awesome! I've bought several rings and necklaces and they are totally adorable. I am debating on a couple of the current deals - a white board decal and these darling sparrow earrings! 

I'm sure everyone has heard of Groupon by now. BUT, if you haven't, you need to check it out and sign up! I've bought all kinds of gift certificates. I've bought for Picaboo (to make photo books), Candyopolis, Body Shop, Redbox, etc. Today's deal is a massage.... ah! They even have an iPhone app!

Zulily is another site that I frequent. It is ideal for mommies... they feature products for Moms (think Big Budha bags, Yummy Tummy tops, Sketchers shoes, etc), products for pregnant & nursing mommies and clothes and toys for kids of ALL ages (think adorable boutique clothing, pillow pets, puzzles, etc). I ordered the kids swimsuits this year through them for $10 a pop along with Ruffle Butt apparel for Miss T! So cute! Here are a few of today's offerings (aprons for mom & daughter, cool ride-on toy)... you do have to sign up using this link to view their amazing deals. 

Last but least for today is SwagBucks. It's actually a lot like a search engine - you install the search bar and when you use it, you earn SwagBucks. I've bought six $5 Amazon gift cards so far using SwagBucks. I've heard of people that earn enough Amazon gift cards to do ALL their Christmas shopping. That is crazy to me! There are other things you can do to earn SwagBucks (you redeem the Bucks for prizes such as Amazon gift cards). Click on the box below to sign up!!!
Search & Win

As a full disclosure- I really do use ALL of these sites on  a daily basis and love them all! I do get referrals for those that sign up using my links... and you can earn referrals too! Last year with Groupon, I earned $100 in credit through referrals - 10 people signed up. Isn't that amazing! Please use my links to sign up but then spread the word through your blog/Facebook/Twitter!

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  1. I thought I would share a few of mine with you!

    1. - a deal goes up until it sells out, and then a new one appears! There is pretty good variety for boys, girls, Moms, and different ages for the kids.

    2. and - deal a day sites that can be quite addictive!

    3. - great resources for anyone, and lots of free stuff. I got some great redbox codes there among other items!


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