Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ribbon Storage Solution - Guttering!

With my husband's help, we've embarked on a mission to turn my sun room into an efficient craft space. I should have take a "before" photo of my ribbon storage - it was disastrous. Last weekend, the sweet hubby installed this guttering to hold my ribbon. I must say that I am IN LOVE! It's perfect because I usually take the whole roll down to match so it's easy to access.

As far as cost, it wasn't an inexpensive project. I think it came in around $40 from our local hardware store. I think if you purchase the pieces from a big box store, it might be a little cheaper. The brackets and end caps are what got us coming in $3-4 each! The 10' piece of gutter was $8.19. We cut mine into two 4' pieces so that we could center it above the shelving unit below. I really should have used the full 10' and cut it into two 5' sections because I had a few rolls that didn't fit.

I cannot wait to show you the completed space! I am in love but still have a few tweaks - like curtains to make... and order the fabric first!

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