Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Affair of the Heart

I went to this HUGE craft sale in Oklahoma City called An Affair of the Heart. I was a newbie - it was my first. I ended up going by myself which was actually nice - I got to shop at my leisure or rush through... whatever I felt like. I went with the intention to not buy anything - just get inspiration. Yeah, that lasted about 10 seconds. I thought I'd share pics of my finds....

I found this Noel set and the vintage Christmas postcards from an antique dealer. This Noel set is identical to one my granny had... she actually only had a few of the pieces left because most of them broke. It came with the original box and candles!

The adorable vintage postcards... I totally love these and can't wait to use them in my Christmas decorating... I got some mini-clothespins from Hobby Lobby that I'm going to paint black and clip these up. Pics of that when I decorate for Christmas. Oh, and I plan on scouring eBay for more of these postcards...

I got these little beauties for 9.95 for all! The top one says Love so I'm thinking I'll use it for V-Day decorating. I've sooo been wanting to get Monkey a sock monkey and found him one! Isn't he cute? He will be one of Monkey's Christmas gifts....

I also got Monkey a stick horse for my mom to give him for Christmas. I already delivered it to my mom so no pics of that. It is super adorable and the head is chenille and soft.

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  1. I love sock monkeys!! My husband just bought me one and it never fails to make me smile when I see him on the bed!!



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