Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cheap finds...

I always like to browse the local dollar stores looking for bargains. I'm always surprised what goodies I discover. One of my new favorite blogs is Cherry's Jubilee.... she is always making extraordinary decor out of dollar store finds. She definitely inspires me!

So, Monkey and I went by the Dollar General before grocery shopping yesterday... here are my little finds - nothing too exciting.... the book is probably the best $1 find... it is a peek-a-boo snowman book. Monkey has been carrying around ever since. The house grew unusually quiet this morning and I hurry to see what he's getting into. The dear child was standing in the middle of the living room "reading" this book. I think I'll take 10 more, please! The little sleigh was actually $3. I was thinking it would be cute for some Christmas candy... I guess it's a candle holder according to the warning label.

This is my favorite find... the ribbon is a thick cotton with the design embroidered on... I actually went back tonight and bought the last two rolls they had left. I have a plan for this... you shall see...

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  1. I LOVE dollar stores and I'm always amazed at the women out there in the blogworld that make masterpieces with what they find there!



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