Saturday, November 1, 2008

Small town fun

We've had a busy, busy time around here.... Trunk or Treat at church, university basketball pep rally, a day at the zoo and shopping, the university homecoming parade and football game... you get the picture! Lots of activities just since Wednesday. Monkey has enjoyed it all.

Had to share this picture from the football game. Monkey kept taking D's hand and pulling him closer and closer to the field. He LOVES football games - the game, the cheerleaders (his daddy's son), the band, and the audience. He danced his booty off and seemed to think everyone was there to see him.

Since I did make it into the city to the craft shop - I got supplies to work on some projects. I'm hoping to get some actual crafting time in this week!


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  2. Sorry about the first comment....too many mistakes... I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I live outside of Tulsa. Do you live near OK City? I love to meet local bloggers. I also love your blog.


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