Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Candy dish = personalized decor

I've been so busy lately and finding time to post has become difficult. I thought I'd share a little idea I came up with in October. I now have a few ideas to improve it - #1 being a paint marker! My local Walmart didn't have a brown one so I had to do without. (Have I mentioned that we live an hour from the nearest Hobby Lobby? Pure torture!) I also realized that my fine paint brush was in awful shape and have since bought a new one.

I bought four of these candy dishes at Dollar General for $3 each. I thought they were super cute and had great potential to become an easy wall hanging.

So, simple that I really don't know if instructions are really needed.... I just painted the last name of each of our family members onto the plate. The nice thing about the slick surface - I could wipe off my big mistakes with a paper towel and start over! I also used a q-tip for some correcting.

I hot glued ribbon to the back... I used a ton of hot glue because I didn't want to chance one of these babies crashing to the ground... or worse, landing on one of my dear nephew or niece's head. I traced around the base of the dish onto felt and hot glued it to the back. The felt covers the ugly-ness of the gobbs of hot glue and protects the wall.

I bought some Christmas candy dishes at Dollar General to personalize as well. I will post those when I get them completed.

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  1. Fantastic! I am entirely jealous of all of you crafters! I am afraid I got passed over. :-/ But I am a great copy-cat, does that count? :)


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