Monday, November 24, 2008

I did accomplish 1 thing...

I made Thanksgiving Day placecards! Whoop-whoop for me! I ran across the idea on Kendra's blog: My insanity. They are super simple so it just took me about an hour (b/c I was "multi-tasking" and watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 while making them. Shouldn't take a normal person that long). I printed the names out on sheets of blank postcards. Punched out the circles and attached using Tacky Glue.


  1. Cute! We used to use placecards for Thanksgiving. Now it's rare if actually sit at a table to eat...

    I came over from SITS...I went to OU for school. Boomer sooner! (And if you're a cowboy, uhh, maybe this isn't the best week for ya. ;) )

  2. I love these. You did a great job!


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