Thursday, November 6, 2008

Un-noteworthy Post

Since I did commit to writing something I'm thankful for every day, I'm sticking to it... at least today. I do realize it's late, but it's always better late than never, right?

Today I have been thinking about my granny a lot. As the holidays near, I am reminded of the She was a true Southern belle. Born and raised in Georgia, she had the beautiful accent. All my friends loved how she said my name... they were always trying to perfect her accent.

My granny taught me so much about entertaining, decorating, cooking, crafting, sewing, being frugal... the list could go on and on! She was so inspiring. Her husband died young leaving her a widow with two very young boys to raise. She attended Bible college while doing several jobs on the side to provide for her boys and pay for school. She decorated cakes because it was something she could do while being at home.... she taught my sister and I how to decorate cakes though I have forgotten some of it. She later married my grandpa (he adopted my dad & uncle). After they both graduated Bible college, they became missionaries in Argentina. They later moved back to the states where my grandpa was/is a pastor.

Wherever they were, she made a home... a beautifully decorated, cozy, welcoming home. It didn't matter what their finances were, she could pull it off. I could keep going on all of the wonderful things she taught me, but I will say that I am grateful to have such a godly, loving grandmother to instill so many things in me! I just wish she were still here to keep teaching me. I still have a lot to learn!

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  1. What a great post and tribute, and what an amazing story! It reminds me a bit of m great-grandmother. I wasn't able to meet her, but the legacy she left has influenced me greatly. I have a strong desire to write her incredible story, but afer three years I only have one mediocre paragraph! :-/ Hopefully someday the words will come...


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