Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little more decorating to show

A few glimpses into my bathroom... don't mind the dust... I dusted after I took these pictures (promise!).

A couple of my treasured vintage looking trees from Target. I love these things!!!
I made a circle garland for my mirror and hung another one vertically in the bathroom... it was a quick project using my circle maker thingy from Creative Memories. It isn't holding up too well to the humidity though... I'll have to revise for next year.
Snow sign that I pinned to my towels. Speaking of snow... I really wish we'd get some for Christmas. I've bought the tot all the snow clothes just in case... though we rarely see snow in Oklahoma.

JOY that I made a couple years ago using a kit from Hobby Lobby. It was easy to do though the instructions had several mistakes.... now I realize I could have easily made this without the kit... just letters, spray adhesive, scrapbook paper and embellishments!

Did you notice another Target tree? Love them!

Hope everyone is enjoy the Christmas season!!! I am busy making my first ever batch of home-made rolls. Pray for me! I'm making enough to feed 30+ people at Christmas. I also have to make 15 lbs of mashed potatoes!


  1. Everything looks beautiful! I also LOVE those vintagey trees from Target...so cute. Are you kidding me...15lbs of mashed potatoes??? WHOA. Good luck! I hope you have a merry merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

    Love ~ Amanda

  2. Beautiful decorating. You went all out.

  3. GL with your cooking! Your decor is beautiful.

  4. Merry Christmas to you as well!!!! I love your "JOY". That is darling.

    I am still needing to make my mom's apron today for her Christmas present tomorrow. It is another full apron (my second) and if it turns out cute (pattern wise), I'm going to start adding full aprons to my store too. I have sold at least 25 half aprons this month....so quick to people in town I can't even get them posted on my etsy shop! Not complaining though!

    I hope you enjoy your family and loved ones today and tomorrow and I hope your rolls turned out great!!!


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