Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Melissa from The Land of Foo tagged me.... I'm suppose to choose the 6th photo folder and the 6th photo in the folder. I started laughing when it turned out to be this one! This is my husband doing a cartwheel for his 30th birthday. I made him a list of 30 things to do the weekend of his birthday and it included doing a cartwheel. Love you, hon! I've also been awarding some fab blog awards recently!!!! So exciting!!! This blog measures up came from Natalie! Thanks, girl!
Your Blog is Fabulous came from Amanda. Thank you!!!!!!!

I know I had another one, but I can't find it for the life of me! I really appreciate the encouragement I received from getting these.


  1. This is great heehee. I couldn't even try to attempt a cartwheel.

  2. I love that idea of making a list of 30 things to do on your 30th birthday! What a fun thing to do for someone.


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