Friday, January 2, 2009

Mickey Mouse Party in the Makings...

I recently read a blog post somewhere about how only children get a year's worth of Mommy's creativity thrown into their birthday party. Well, now that Christmas is over, I am focusing on my little guy's 2nd birthday. I've started researching ideas and have collected quite a few articles and clippings already. I am doing a Mickey Mouse theme because he is totally into Mickey Mouse and I found some party stuff on clearance at Target in November... as in a bag of supplies for $3!!!!!!!! Thought I would share what I have so far and bounce it off my lovely blog friends... I'm really trying to do this on a tight budget so we shall see... Oh, and the party will be the first part of May.

Party Favors: Personal CDs (I think I can make these myself),personalized candy bars , swirly straws, Mickey Mouse coloring pages...

Cake: Mickey Mouse head shaped cake - made by my talented mother-in-law!

Decor: Black, red, white & yellow balloons and maybe a few Mickey Mouse Mylar balloons. I really wanted plain black latex balloons in the shape of Mickey's head (as seen @Disney World), but haven't found any. I think I'll make a banner with his name by cutting Mickey heads out of black card stock and using ribbon to attach, Mickey Mouse confetti for the tables

Food: Haven't decided if we'll do finger food this year or not. If we do, cheese is a must since Mickey Mouse would obviously love cheese. :)

I found a few articles with possible games, but I haven't had a chance to read through them all. I probably won't do a lot in the game department because there will be such a big age range... lots of adults and quite a few kids. I think we are going to have the affair in our backyard if I can get it cleaned up and the hubby can finish the pool deck before the party.


  1. What a sweet mommy you are! That party sounds awesome. I am amazed that you are already planning for a party in go girl! My little girl is turning 3 in 11 days and I haven't even sent out the invites. I found the cutest tea party invites at a yard sale recently, so that's our theme. She loves a good tea party. Do you have any inspiring ideas for me? If so, please share!


  2. It sounds so cute! If I had kids, I would love to plan their birthday parties. Right now I just plan parties at work and my friend's parties, but they wouldn't let me do Mickey Mouse!

  3. Sounds Great! :) Whenever I think of Mickey and Minnie I think of yellow and red and white polka-dot. Maybe you could have the birthday boy wear a yellow bowtie? And do red and white polka-dot plates, or table cloths...just some thoughts from a completely un-creative person! :-/ Thanks so much for your encouragement with my book! :) Have a wonderful weekend.


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