Thursday, January 22, 2009

A quick redo

Wow! I've been busy the past few days! The tot has croup, I'm working away on my craft room, plus trying to finish up a few homemade birthday gifts for this weekend. I'll share those soon. We had GORGEOUS weather today so I pulled out the spray paint and spent the afternoon updating a few things. Some are still waiting on another coat, but I thought I'd share this beauty with you. I completely forgot to take a before picture! Of course!

I found this in the Dollar Spot at Target a few years back. It was meant to be a gift basket for bath & body products, but I immediately thought it would be perfect for napkins! And it has worked wonderfully in our dining room. I love that I can stack a ton of napkins in and not worry about refilling it for a long while. I realized today that I should paint it! It was previously ivory which really didn't fit with our dining room. After some black spray paint and some cute ribbon....

I will show pictures of my craft room when it is complete... who knows when that will be? Don't we all know how that goes? I'm trying to make it as functional as possible so it might not be as pretty as I'd like.

The lampshade in my previous before & after post came from Target. It was in the decorating section that is near the pic frames in my Super Target... it was around $16.99... a little more than I would normally pay, but it just screamed my name... and it was the last one!


  1. Love it! And your lamp too. :) I hope the little one feels better soon!

  2. target's dollar spot is just fabulous. love what you did with the basket.

  3. Cute! I am all about adding ribbon whenever possible!

  4. What a great makeover. I love the ribbon!

  5. Love it Sarah! Esp the ribbon :)

    I love me some ribbon, haha!

  6. I had croup! Poor baby. I love that basket. It's so cute!


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