Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Terrible pictures of my favorite things

Okay, I took pics of some of my favorite finds... silly me, put most of it away so I had to get it out for the pictures... then after downloading the pictures, I realized that my camera settings were crappy so the pictures are terrible.

Michael's finds... the white Christmas tree was 1.99 and my tot loves it! He carried it all over this morning. The red berry garland was overpriced at 8.99.
These garlands reminded me of Easter, so I'm thinking I'll save them for Easter. They were 1.59 each and the egg ornaments were in the dollar section.

Kohl's finds- these adorable red pom-pom stems. Love them! I do think I went a little overboard and bought too many. They were 1.39 each and the tablecloth was 5ish dollars, I think.

A tad bit of my Hobby Lobby finds... the garland was all of $4! Regularly $40! The cardboard hat boxes were .25 & .50. I'm thinking about painting or covering them with paper for my craft room or C's room. I also got the cardboard cone for a few cents. The small boxes are ornament place card holders. Packs of 6 for .50. I have a lot more things from Hob-Lob, but I put a lot of it away already.

Now, the North Pole thingy- I have plans for this... it was $1.49.
Here are some of my favorite Target purchases of the day... the file box is for my fun filing - such as decorating ideas, craft project ideas, holiday projects, etc. The trash can is for my craft room (which I am about to repaint and redecorate) - the trashcan was only 2.50 in the Dollar Spot, the three accordion files are for my coupons - I was going to buy these at Walmart for $5 each and found them in the Dollar Spot! Score! The comforter was half off! Marked down to $30!
Here is the inspiration for my craft room... I fell in love with this lampshade and just bought the perfect lamp for it at the thrift shop... just need to repaint the lamp because I painted it black for my dining room... change of plans.

Lampshade - Target

How funny is this, I unloaded my car last night and my hubby was still at work. My living room was filled with shopping bags and I kind of freaked because I knew he would freak out if he saw how much I bought. So, I hurriedly put all the essential type things away so it wouldn't look like so much. I'm still in the dog house because I need another tote for all my new Christmas finds... the deal was for me to downsize my Christmas decorations, not buy enough to fill an extra tote! Oops! How can I pass it up though? 90% off? Be sure to post your amazing finds!


  1. I know the feelings! My husband freaks out when he sees me bring home a lot of stuff too! If he's there when I get home I leave the stuff in the car until he's at work. I also have a room I hide stuff in until I have time to unload the sacks!

  2. Lucky you found cheap files I need some too but can't break down to buy them at wal mart for so expensive.


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