Friday, January 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Inspiration

I've been searching the web for Valentine's Day inspiration and have found so many goodies! I thought I'd share my finds with you gals! Hopefully all my links work, but if you have issues, let me know!

Family Fun has so many fun craft ideas for Valentine's Day. I'm especially fond of their handmade Valentine selection! I'm planning on making this for DH... minus the pink paper! He is very attached to his iPod (the best gift I ever game him!). Since I love vintage, had to share this one! Martha Stewart has some way CAUTE things on her site, of course! How about these bon-bon filled hearts?
This wreath looks pretty easy to make yet such impact! Love it!
I printed this craft off last year to file... I can't wait till C is old enough to enjoy some crafts!

How beautiful is this?

I'd love to have this sitting on my dresser!
I want this - and the vase!!!!!
This looks like something the kids would have fun with! There's even a printable/savable template for the cobweb Valentine!

This heart garland looks like fun!
Ashley at Domestic Fashionista has some way cute Valentine's Day things! Be sure to check her out. Here are a couple of my favs from her decor. I am totally thinking about doing a V-day tree since I snagged a mini white one up at Michael's.

I currently don't sew but found this adorable love birds pin cushion on etsy. The seller is Feltmates.
WhimsyHouse on etsy has this adorable brooch! I love all the beautiful felted wool items on etsy.
One of my FAVE finds of the day! This Hugs & Kisses garland! It's to die for!

Hope you enjoyed some Valentine's Day inspiration! I know I'm motivated to get into gear and decorate and celebrate the holiday of Love. (My husband would be rolling his eyes at this. :)


  1. I am loving that garland...I think I'm gonna try that one! Wasn't all of Ashley's v-day decor just fabulous? Eye candy! Thanks for all the great Martha links. I'm off to check them all out!


  2. I'm making the garland. You gave me some fun places to go check out!
    Thank You.

  3. I love all of your inspirations!

  4. All of this stuff is SO cute! I am totally inspired! If I didn't have a to do list a mile long, I'd seriously get to it...Love it!

  5. All of this stuff is SO cute! I am totally inspired! If I didn't have a to do list a mile long, I'd seriously get to it...Love it!

  6. Over from SITS! Love all of your stuff! So cute!

  7. alll of it is gorgeous. Love that little birdy pin cushion...great finds. cherry

  8. Thanks so much for commenting! I have you added in my blogroll!

  9. I love the Valentine's ideas. Thanks for sharing. I tried the Martha Stewart one last year where you you make the hearts out of crayons. Mine didn't turn out so well but then again I don't think I exercised much patience that day. I would love to try it again because I am sure it would be beautiful.

  10. I love the birds, the I-Pod and the banners! So cute!


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