Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Secret Weapon Notebook

This is my first time to participate in Works for Me Wednesday! You can check out more here. I do realize I am a little late on my posting - I worked today at my old office so I'm a bit behind on everything!

Remember this mini notebook I made myself? Well, it has become a handy dandy little device in the world of high tech gadgets. Here's how I made it work wonderfully for me!

I measured each of the rooms in my house and did little non-scale non-perfect layouts of each room writing in dimensions... I put dimensions for windows, blank walls, etc. This is great when I'm shopping in the big city. If I find the perfect fabric for some of the curtains I've been meaning to make (for years), I know exactly how much fabric I need. If I find an oversized piece of art for dining room, I know exactly what will fit. It was perfect when I found my anniversary gift (picture to come soon!). I had the salesman measure the hutch and I looked to see where in my house I could squeeze it in!
I have also taped the paint chip for my craft room in it so I can look for green accessories and make sure they don't clash.
I jotted down my nephew & nieces' sizes in it as well.. because when you have 1 nephew and 5 (almost 6!!!) nieces, it's hard to keep track of their sizes. I'm just proud of myself for keeping track of their birthdays!

I keep this in a pocket of my purse so it's always with me. When I make my all-day shopping excursions to the city, this is so wonderful to have! I used to ponder and ponder if I should by this or that, would it fit, would it match, how much fabric do I need, what if it's too small or too big...... This makes my shopping trips much easier!


  1. Thats a great little notebook. I always have one shoved in my purse, i never thought of personalizing it! Great idea!
    I have to write everything down anymore, im so darn forgetful!

  2. That's such a good idea. I always end up lugging a big backpack with me. Your idea is much more streamlined.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I have a little one like that too, it's great when you just need to jot something because otherwise there is never paper and a pen when you need one.

  4. all though my notebook does not look as great as yours I have one that has everything in it as well

  5. Love your idea! A few years back I had to finally get on the ball and have the whole sizes of people and fav colors trick written down! How many times do I find myself somewhere and I totally have no clue the dimensions of things?! ALL.the.time! I could get a curtain for 90% off when a business is going out of sale, but without the dimensions right then and there, you can't (as in that case there is no return policy!). I keep all my stuff in my palm pilot. This is the best place for me, as I actually have that with me all the time. However, there is no way to add paint chip. I love that with yours you can even have the exact colors!

  6. very smart! I need to do something similar. I have a little paper I carry around at christmas with sizes of family members, but it gets lost sometime after the holidays.


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