Sunday, March 1, 2009

Need Your Advice - Cricut?

I need you guys' advice!!! Really! I borrowed my sister-in-law's Cricut to play with, and the harsh reality is....
I don't know how I could survive without one!

Funny story - we got a happy anniversary card from a local jeweler this week along with a "gift certificate" for $50 off a $250 purchase. Like we have $250 to spend at a jewelry store? My sweet husband told me I could go pick out a pair of earrings if I wanted. I responded that I'd rather have a Cricut than new earrings. He was extremely surprised!

He pretty much offered to get me one as a very early Mother's Day gift. So sweet of him! I really didn't beg around or bring it up because I didn't think we should spend the $$ on it.

So, I'm wondering what your advice is... which machine? which cartridges? I think I'll probably end up getting the 12x6 machine though I'd rather get the 12x12 one. I'm also wanting the Accent cartridge. I'd love to get the Mickey Mouse one for C's birthday party, but not sure if I can justify spending that much money on a cartridge of Mickey Mouse. If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it! I have a project to show off soon that I made with the Cricut.


  1. I have the 12x6 machine. I buy cartridges when Michaels puts them on sale. I don't think I have bought any of them full price.

  2. I have the 12x6 cricut and although I really like it (when I get to use it!), I think I would have rather had the larger one. However, it is more money and my hubby bought the other one for me so I could do stuff while he was working (can't complain!).

    As for the cartridges, I love the fact that some have shapes with the fonts. I go for more fonts than anything, but that's just me. I do, however, want some that are more baby related as I near my due date. I buy them on sale, never full price. Michaels does a good job at sales and Wal-Mart has them on sale too some.

  3. I say get the 12 by 12...and I love the "paper doll" it.
    sandy toe

  4. Cricut machines are amazing, If I was given the option I would get the 12x12 one. As for cartridges, I don't recall what the ones I've used are, but I am completely with you on the whole not knowing how you can live without one, luckily I have ready access to a 12x12 with some wicked cute cartridges.

    (just so you aren't freaked out by some random person commenting, I linked here from Imperfectly Beautiful. I'm also starting up my own very public blog and would like to gain a following ... no posts on it as of yet, but the link to it is

  5. Oooohhhhh...i want one BAD! Maybe I should forego the laptop for a cricut. Now, that's a tough call. If I were given a choice I'd for sure get the 12 x 12. I don't think you'll regret it.

    BTW, Becca @ Frankly My Dearest is my sweet neice and one of my best buddies! Can you tell I am proud of her?

    Can't wait to see the project you did with the Cricut!

  6. i have a 12x12 and have used a 12x6. not only is the 12x12 bigger, it has more features and improved features from the 12x6. i got my cricut at and got it at a greatly discounted rate, as well as cartridges dirt cheap. they were having a sale, but they have sales a lot. as for cartridges, i really like the home accents, storybook, and celebrations. of course, it all depends on what you will use it for. i've gotten several fonts i'm not happy with so if you have the chance to see them in action before buying i would totally do that. i have A LOT more opinions on cricut stuff, but i'll stop for the sake of brevity. if you EVER want to know more i'm glad to rant anytime:)

  7. I say go all the way and get the Expression! You'll be glad you did! I cut 11" wide/tall things all the time for scrapbook pages.

    Here's where it gets good....!!!

    If you hook it up to Sure Cuts a Lot, you aren't even limited to the Cricut cartridges anymore! You can cut out any fonts you have on your computer AND any SVG files you can get your hands on. (Lots of free SVG files out there, including on my website!)

    SO fun! :O Best wishes!


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