Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unusual Craft Supplies

Added: I just realized that the single serve size applesauce containers are GREAT paint holders when I'm doing craft painting! They are the perfect size!

I've found that many household products work great for my craft projects so I thought I'd show you a few of my favorites....

Plastic containers- I keep some Mod Podge in a clean sour cream/cottage cheese container to use on my projects. It makes it easy to use a sponge brush to dip it in & brush it on and when I'm done, I just put the lid on until next time. I also use these when I custom mix craft paint. I can put the lid on and save it for touch up later and throw it out when I'm finished! So many uses for these containers that I used to throw out!

Freezer Paper - I bought a huge roll to make these shirts last 4th of July. Since then, I've found that the freezer works great as a workspace cover. I put it down whenever I am painting or Mod Podge-ing. My wood pieces don't stick to the freezer paper like they do to cardboard or newspaper. I'm kicking myself because I saw rolls on clearance at Target last summer and wish I would have stocked up. Wax paper works for this too!

Plastic lids - I use these as paint trays for my craft paint! I had hundreds of these filling my drawers so I started using them for painting. It's worked great - I can dispose of them when I'm finished so easy clean up!

Q-tips/cotton swabs - this might be a "duh" moment, but a few weeks ago, I realized how handy it is to have cotton swabs in my craft room. I use them to swab excess glue & paint on projects and to touch up things! Many, many uses for these babies!

There you have it, a few uncommon uses for common items!


  1. Thanks for the tips. I especially like the Modge Podge container. I would have never thought about that but have many problems either getting inside of the jar or dumping out way too much when doing a project. I also want to see what you ended up doing with the W in the picture!!

  2. great tips! I usually use a paper plate for my paint but this would be more green and useful. thanks for sharing!


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