Monday, April 27, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting a Today’s Thrifty Treasures party to show off weekend garage sale finds! So fun! I only stopped by two garage sales on Friday but found several items for a grand total of $5.50!

Garage Sale 001

Picture frame .25 (planning on making a chalkboard for my kitchen with it!)

Rocking horse $1 (plan on painting it to match son’s bedroom and removing stuff around the neck)

Brand New Freedom sign $1.50 (also got one that says Justice but gave it to a friend)

Metal Card File .25 (I originally thought I’d spray paint this but I’m kind of liking the antique writing on the front so we will see!!!)

Not pictured – 2 old Nancy Drew books and 2 old Hardy Boys books for .25 eachGarage Sale 003

Notice the cracked legs and rocker on the horse? My son has been playing with it non-stop since I brought it home including riding it. Yea, it didn’t fair so well. A little wood glue and paint and it will be fine for displaying in his room!Garage Sale 005 

Miss Patches kept getting in on the photo action – she’s my 19 year old kitty! Garage Sale 004


  1. You made some great finds. Love the metal box. what do you think you will use it for?

  2. Thanks, Robin! I thought about using the file box for recipe cards but I may use it in my craft room form something yet to be determined.

  3. WOW you got some great deals.My fav is the patriotic sign.I collect patriotic items! Good job,thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the metal box. It's so vintage-cool!

    And that's a great size frame...for only a quarter! Stuff like that is usually expensive at sales here.

  5. ooh i love your finds, i really enjoy seeing other peoples hauls it gives me ideas as to what to look for next time i go out - and saying that the frame is fab for that price and will look great, i did a similar one and used spray chalk paint came out great and i love the old drawewr wonder if you could paintwash it so the writing still showed? i did that on a wine box and it worked

    great inspiration happy thrifting!


  6. I like the metal box as it is! Neat!

  7. Nice finds!

    Those types of cats must live forever. My sil has one that has been around for about 20 years. She's too mean to die, I guess.

  8. Great finds! I'm cracking up that he tried to ride the little horse. Too cute!

  9. I love the chalkboard idea, great price for the frame, will be a handy thing to have. I love the metal box and the sign will be great for Memorial Day. Great buys!

  10. Love that box! The kitty is too darn cute. :) Ours have to be in every picture too.

  11. Love the box as it is! :-) Great finds! FUN!

  12. My girls would have hopped right on that horse, too! Great finds!

  13. WOW - super fantastic finds!!!!!! Lucky you


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