Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: My Coupon Organizers

I thought I would share my somewhat complicated coupon organization! I know it sounds complicated and confusing but it really works for me! I’m going to break this up into two posts to make it a little easier to understand my insanity. :)

Here are two of my organizers – these are check organizers from the Dollar Spot at Target. The red one holds my coupons for mall shopping, etc. Living in the “country”, I keep this organizer for when we make trips to the city. I have it organized by store, American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, Hobby Lobby, etc. It’s mainly for frivolous shopping! When I get a coupon in the mail, I can just stick it in my organizer.  I also keep my rewards cards in this organzer.
Cayson's 2nd Birthday 102 Cayson's 2nd Birthday 104

The yellow organizer holds our restaurant coupons. I was always sorting through coupons when we were going to go out to eat or order in. I finally stuck them all in this so we can grab it if we’re going out to eat, but it’s handy for ordering in pizza.

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  1. I have my grocery/drug store coupons neatly organized, but the store-specific ones are all just tucked in the back of my organizer. I like the idea of having a seperate one just for those coupons-- thanks for sharing!

    My WFMW tip this week is about choosing useful freebies instead of clutter.


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