Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Post

Things are so crazy around here….. let’s see, hubby is on vacation so we can paint our house and finish the deck and patio. It snowed 6” Saturday so we didn’t get to start until Monday – 2 days behind schedule. So far, we’ve the hubby has removed the screen windows, power washed the house, scraped and sanded it and now he’s caulking. I did help scrape & sand and it was not fun… I got dirty and wasn’t happy about it. Here’s a before picture (after the power washing)…. hoping the after won’t be too far down the road.  IMG_4760

  • It is extremely windy in Oklahoma (go figure) today and miserable working outside (thus why I’m blogging )
  • I thought our house was tiny until we started scraping and sanding it. Now it is HUGE.
  • We’ve discovered many more projects and complications
  • It’s supposed to be windy, cold & rainy tomorrow
  • Hubby goes back to work on Tuesday. Boo!

I’m working on shower crafts and invites for my sis-in-law’s baby shower. I also need to work on everything for C’s upcoming 2nd birthday party. It’s a month away and I have a lot to do!

We made a trip to the city yesterday so I could go to a children’s consignment sale and make my first ever stop at Goodwill. Things weren’t going well for me – I pretty much struck out at the consignment sale. I was looking for specific outdoor playthings which they did not have and I found absolutely nothing at Goodwill.

I did get to stop by the fabric store and bought some GORG fabrics which I have high hopes of actually sewing… we shall see.


The polka dot & puppy fabrics were a bit expensive. The other two were on clearance for cheap! Whoo-hoo! I was slightly surprised by the price of fabrics.


  1. Oh oh oh! The puppy fabric is so sweet! And I love the little white stackables in the previous post. I am very envious!

  2. Good luck fixing up the house! It looks nice and clean!

  3. You have a cute house! Got lucky with your fun treasures in your past post! And your "W" on the old cupboard door, very cute.
    Have a good day.

  4. Ugh...I hate it when household projects don't go according to schedule/plan. Anything else I can usually be pretty flexible with, but like you & your husband, we have set amounts of time that we usually block off for these things.

    The fabric is super cute. I love polka dots!

  5. good luck with your home repairs. i love the new sink faucet.

    the fabric is super cute!


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