Thursday, April 2, 2009

A quick transformation in the kitchen

We did a quick project today that amazed me by the change! All we did was switch the faucet out. We had one of those plain chrome kitchen faucets before. It probably took 30 minutes for the hubby to do the switcheroo – most of that spent cleaning out my junk treasures from under the sink so he could work.
I feel like my kitchen looks so much better with the updated faucet!


Look! I even cleaned my sink before taking a picture!


  1. Very pretty!! It looks great. A new kitchen faucet is on our list as's a long list though so I'm not holding my breath for getting it any time soon. lol

  2. It looks great! Need to replace ours too. Maybe if I tell hubby it only takes a half hour he will be convinced to give it a try. HA!


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