Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mickey Mayhem Party!

Finally getting these pictures posted with a description! I can’t believe it’s taken me two weeks to get to this.

The venue was changed at the last minute due to yucky weather. The plan was to have it in our backyard, but I had the hospitality area at our bank reserved, just in case. Always have a back-up plan! I’m glad I did this time.

I hung a little sign on the door and the balloons outside to let everyone know they were at the right place.

Cayson's Birthday Party 058

The previous shown banner made with my Cricut.

Cayson's Birthday Party 097

The cake table. I also had a Mickey mylar balloon attached to the photo frame. I missed that when taking my pictures! I made Mickey confetti that I sprinkled around the tables. Cayson's Birthday Party 001

My Uber Talented Mother-In-Law made the cake! She did it using round pans because the Mickey head cake pan was selling for nearly $50 on eBay.

Cayson's Birthday Party 003

This venue has a few booths so I decorated them similar to this – the metal containers came from Dollar Tree. They had a lovely floral pattern on the front so I used some chalkboard paint to cover that up. I stuck floral foam in the containers and covered that with sand. The Mickey heads were just cut out with my Cricut and glued to painted skewers. Easy, easy centerpieces.

Cayson's Birthday Party 006 Cayson's Birthday Party 055Cayson's Birthday Party 007 Cayson's Birthday Party 008

The food table. I picked up the plastic table cloth on clearance last year at Target for .64. I’m not crazy about plastic, but it worked for a kid’s party. I made the Happy Birthday banner with scrapbook papers.

Cayson's Birthday Party 022

We served hot dogs with the fixings, Mickey Mouse pasta salad, chips, Mickey Rice Krispie treats, Mickey Cookies, Cake & homemade ice cream.

Cayson's Birthday Party 080Cayson's Birthday Party 010Cayson's Birthday Party 067Cayson's Birthday Party 009 Cayson's Birthday Party 064

The bank had a huge room so we took a bunch of toys and a tent for the kids to play with. All 16 kids had a blast playing in the big open room. They were able to run off lots of energy!Cayson's Birthday Party 085

The goodie bags. The red ones were for the boys and the black ones were for the girls. Cayson's Birthday Party 012

I rolled up the coloring sheets and tied them with ribbon. The polka dot ribbon were the girls’ and the solid were the boys’. I burned CDs with Mickey appropriate music. This seemed to be a hit and it was very inexpensive. Random 011 I also included Mickey crayons and mini Frisbees that I found at Dollar Tree. Random 010

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  1. What a great way to celebrate #2! I bet it was a blast! I am thinking a camping theme for my son's 3rd, which is in a month--I better get cracking!

  2. Now THATS a party! I dont think you missed one little detail! Just fantastic!

  3. What a great party. So creative!

  4. what a great party! i love the cookies and rice krispy treats. you went all out!

  5. great party ideas, cute cake.

  6. Sarah,

    You did an amazing job on that party. Every little detail! Loved looking through the pictures with your commentary!

  7. Great party with great ideas! Now you have me thinking about what to do for our Dear Bebe's first birthday in three months!

  8. You are the coolest mom ever !
    Except for mine !! Hehe
    I came across your site because I looking to decorate my room vintage chic and you popped up.
    Your very creative !

  9. Great party, I love all your mouse ear touches, too cute!

  10. Very cute party. Everyone loves Mickey Mouse!

    I'm with you on the plastic tableclothes but they are almost a must have for kids parties. Plus it's much easier to clean up.


  11. i love your mickey cookies and rice did you make the mickey shape for both?

  12. i love your cookies and rice krispy did you make?what did you use to make shape?

  13. My daughter is turning 2 soon and your party has given me so many ideas. What an inspiration!! Thank you so much!!

  14. Want to know what's was the music?
    Very cute party love it!


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