Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vacation=Craft Mojo!

I am so excited to say I’m back into a crafting/decorating mood! Apparently, our little getaway was just what Martha Stewart ordered. Since returning home, I’ve been working on several projects trying to get our house in order and ready for Baby #2.

Here’s a quick project I did yesterday afternoon… I’ve been in dire need of a few magazine holders for my craft room but hadn’t found any I loved. While cleaning out my dad’s office, I threw these in the thrift store pile before rethinking the possibilities…


Ugly, unattractive yet functional.

I just glued some scrapbook paper to the front and trimmed it out with ribbon to beautify them a bit.


A perfect spot for my scrapbooking magazines and felt!

I’ll hopefully get some of my other projects completed and will be sharing those in the upcoming week!


  1. Great idea! It's always wonderful when you can reuse something you have.

  2. Super cute idea! And simple....I have to steal that one. I have some very drab magazine holders laying around that need some sunshine and TLC. where are my scissors.

  3. Very cute. I just passed up a couple of these magazine racks at a yard sale last Saturday... kicking myself right now. I signed up to follow your blog and I hope you'll come visit mine!

  4. Hey! That's a great idea. I have some of those ugly magazine holders, but they are so plain and blah. I'm definitely going to have to do this!


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