Thursday, September 17, 2009

25 Cent Frame Makeover

Remember this picture frame? I bought it for a quarter at a garage sale and figured it would make a great chalkboard for my kitchen.

Garage Sale 001 I finally finished the project and now have a magnetic chalkboard for my kitchen.


My sweet hubby cut a piece of sheet metal for me to prime and paint with chalkboard paint. Now we have a great spot for writing sweet nothings… or grocery lists.



  1. ohhhhhhhh, looks pretty, love that you made it magnetic too!

  2. Good afternoon!

    I'm passing a award your way, please come check out the post. Thanks, Robin

  3. What a great makeover. I love the black frame with the chalkboard. I just got about 5 frames in an auction lot for a quarter, so I will definitely do one like this. Great project!

  4. I love this! I've really been wanting to try the chalkboard paint. Everyone seems to use it anymore!

  5. So cute, Sarah! I've been keeping my eye out for months for the perfect frame to make one of these too. :o) Yours looks great!


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