Thursday, March 4, 2010

15 Minute Message Board

I got the idea for this message board somewhere in bloggy land though I cannot remember where! If you know, please post the link so I can link it up!

Seriously, this took 15 minutes to make! I had this huge frame that I picked up at a garage sale for $1. I marked the back every 4” down on either side and then stapled twine across the back. I used two staples on each side and pulled the twine as tightly as possible.

IMG_7161 IMG_7145

I had this burlap monogram so I actually used twine to attach it at the top for a little something extra.


Now I have the perfect place to display my recipes for the week and frequently used recipes along with Cayson’s artwork.


I used mini clothespins that I already had – they’re spray painted black.

IMG_7159 IMG_7160

I’m so excited because this takes up my large wall in my kitchen and I didn’t spend a dime today to make it – it was all things I had!

My other idea for this is to hang black & white photos on it... you could easily change them out!

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  1. this is awesome, I totally love it. I have a great spot in my kitchen that I could make one for!! Thanks for the awesome idea!!


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