Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easy Paper Art

I made this little piece of “art” that is currently on display above Miss Priss’ crib. I painted an old frame white… which was actually the most complicated thing EVER! This frame was an old cheapie from Wally World – still had the ancient price sticker on it. The red from the wood BLED through like crazy. Hubby finally took it out and shot it with Kilz and that did the trick. It was crazy- I’ve never had that issue. Anyway…. moving on


I free-handed the design using coordinating scrapbook papers. I did use a bowl as the template for the tree top. I glued it all together and added the owl that coordinates with her bedding.


I did do a layer of Mod Podge over the finished product. 


The T was an unfinished chipboard letter I bought at Hob Lob. I painted it pale yellow and then rubbed a light pink over it with a rag.

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