Monday, March 29, 2010

Hair Bows Everywhere!

Now that I have a darling daughter, hair bows are accumulating! Thanks to some great YouTube tutorials, I’ve learned how to make my own so I’ve gone slightly overboard on making them… my husband thinks I need counseling. Ha ha!


I began Miss Priss’ hair bow storage using a simple message/photo board we already had. It was great for clipping on all her bows… until I filled it up.


I made a simple system for hanging her bows. I was quite lazy and didn’t even paint my board or clothes pins before using Mod Podge to attach coordinating papers. I used some craft glue to attach the clothes pins and ribbon for hanging to the back.


I cut long pieces of ribbon to simply clip in for holding the array of bows!

IMG_7344 IMG_7346

Instead of nailing a hole into her door, I used a ribbon to attach it to the over door hanging system.


Easy Peasy!

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  1. Oh my word I am the same way about my little bit's hair bows! She has just a little tad of hair and clip one in so of course, she has to have one to go with every outfit! Love them! And love your bow hanger you made!


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