Monday, September 28, 2009

Burlap Monogram

I’m working on cozying up my kitchen and making a few little changes – including this chalkboard!

I had two of these apple wood things hanging in my kitchen… they’ve been there since we moved in (6+ years!) IMG_5939

I painted the plaque because the pattern does show through the burlap. IMG_5947 I did use my Cricut to cut out the j on freezer paper. I put it on the cutting mat, shiny side up and then used the flip image feature to flip the j.

You don’t need a Cricut for this project! You can print out your pattern on your printer and then trace it onto the freezer paper and cut out using an X-Acto knife. I’ve done this before an it’s quite simple. It’s also great because you have access to a lot more fonts just with Word.  IMG_5943

I ironed the freezer paper, shiny side down to the burlap. Be sure to empty the water reservoir. Then I just painted the stencil. IMG_5945

Peel off the freezer paper once the paint dries.


I stretched the burlap over my plaque attempting to center the design and then stapled it in place. I had to add a wall hanger to the back since it had previously hung horizontally. crafts 002

I have another similar project but on a larger scale that I am going to attempt! So stay tuned!

Find another freezer paper stencil project here.


  1. what a cute idea!! I have some burlap in my closet!! I may give this a try!


  2. You are so creative! Love your energy,



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